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About my practice

Licensed as an architect in Nevada and Arizona, my practice was established in 1987 and provides services in the fields of architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture.


Working solo, I enjoy the challenges of interpretative transformation of needs and desires into thoughtful solutions, advocating that an excellent design responds to regional and environmental influences, embraces nature, and instills a sense of humanity, honesty, and ease.


I am a bit uncomfortable displaying photos of my work as architects typically do.  While a picture is supposed to paint a thousand words, such images speak to but a fraction of the innumerous concerns that a good architect contemplates and wrestles with along the way.  Sure, a picture paints a thousand words, if merely a glimpse.


Career Summary and Experience

My experience includes involvement in a variety of private and public projects, from those of significant scale to the design of unique furniture, functional art, and consumer products.  My background includes the design of professional and medical buildings, luxury hospitality/resort and retail interiors, as well as school and airport projects. 


Although much of my experience lies in commercial architecture, I am interested in home design and would be equally comfortable and interested in doing more of them.  Of note is that I was invited by the Nevada State Board of Architecture to grade the Nevada Residential Design licensing exam and contribute to creation of its written portion. Here's my thanks from the Board for my work in one of the segments.



Intrigued with creating something from nothing, problem solving, and the scale of the medium, this line of work is a pretty good fit for me.  I have also dabbled in creating, exhibiting, and marketing functional art, furniture, and construction related products.


I enjoy many forms of artistic expression, a fascination with archaeology and ancient technology, the outdoors, bicycling, horticulture, and the wonders of the universe.  An avid trumpet player, I am a member of a concert band and occasionally do jazz/big bands.

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