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Just Checking


"I just need a bookshelf." 


In 1989, a friend purchased some oak boards and asked that I design a 'book shelf' for him.  Upon presentation of the design, silence following the giggles, we gave each other this serious staredown and blurted out "We are going to build this sucker!" .... and we still have all of our fingers.


It’s a 7’-6” tall shelving unit dubbed ‘Just Checking’.  The black and gray checkered segments are hinged doors.   The sketch of the similar unit represents a companion piece I never got around to building.


Later that year, I was invited to exhibit a piece for the grand opening of the Greenspun’s Moira James Culture Dog Book Store and Art Gallery in Henderson.  This is the piece, a refined version of the prototype that we worked around the clock on and installed at the show with paint still wet.

Arthur Deco meets K. Tut


This is a model and finished product of a dining table base or occasional table I designed in 1986.


I had this hair-brained idea that I was going to get rich designing and selling Egyptian themed furniture for the (then) new Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas. Somehow, that didn’t work out quite as planned. 


A mathematical challenge, this one was finished in semi-gloss black and pickled light olive lacquer with gold leaf accents.

Modular coffee table


Designed circa 1985, this study in basic geometry and negative space features modules that slide apart to allow reconfiguration or to provide personal tables for guests.

Waterfall table
'Selective Pruning'


This is a 3"-4" thick slab of redwood burl I purchased in Sausalito a million years ago.  I selectively cut it to this shape from a rather inconspicuous large 'blob', then for contrast, finished it to highlight its negative space.  While the gnarly root and live edge is finished in semi-gloss, the main body is sanded and left raw.  The base is steel, with the cylindrical stem hand ground to create an interesting texture.

While this piece is a little over three feet tall, I'm working on a similar series of varied scale.

Y/Y 50


Several layers of context behind this.

Wine glass jewelry (markers)


Samples from my first collection of prototype designs, they are my answer to the question we've all asked .....

"Is this my glass?"

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