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Dacks Residence


Featured in Sunset Magazine and on local public television, this landscape, designed for my family in 1998, features arid region flora, a touch of turf for activities, a geometric hardscape contrasting with the naturally flowing softscape, and both sheltered and exposed people spaces.


I experiment with changing out the flora ocassionally, a benefit of a naturally organized softscape.


Private Residence


This design features a spa that doubles as a reflecting pond, a natural gas fire pit, built-in BBQ bar, an elevated observation deck, and several spaces for relaxation and entertainment. 


Challenges included incorporation of sun, wind, and privacy protection while limiting mountain view obstructions.

(photos coming)


Waters Residence


This was part of a major home renovation on a one acre suburban lot. 


The first phase consisted of development of the back half acre, dedicated to recreation and entertainment.


Consisting of a pool house, pool shade structure, tennis court designed by Mike Agassi, and a great play area for the kids, the project was scrapped when the owner relocated his medical practice to Oregon.

Conversion and major renovation of an

historic residence for the new offices of

Triad Professional Adjusters

610 South 7th Street, Las Vegas


SNWA Landscape Design Award

This project consisted of the complete restoration of an historic Las Vegas residence and its conversion into an office building.  I also represented the client in re-zoning the property for its new use.


The project included a complete landscape overhaul with the challenge of incorporating handicap access into the new design.

Entry courtyard

Private residence, Las Vegas


Part of a major expansion/renovation, this is my solution for a clients' new entry courtyard.  The gate filigree was inspired by the Eucaliptus tree leaf, native to my client's place of birth.

For more about this project, see 'Major renovation/ expansion Private Residence'



Private residence, Las Vegas


The 'S'-shaped retaining wall adjacent to the upper left of the existing pool represents the Yin Yang form, defining the meeting of contrasting softscape and hardscape, harmoniously melded equals and opposites.  This design solution was inspired in reflection of my art-loving client who embraces such concepts/ideologies.


The circular links to the dining deck represent bridges linking the special space with the general use spaces.

For more about this project, see 'Major renovation/ expansion Private Residence'

Landscape/courtyard design


This is a design I did for a colleague's front yard and entry courtyard.  The building shown is a fictitious design created while experimenting with the 3D software.


Rear yard landscape

Private residence, Las Vegas


This is the design for the renovation of an old urban residence on a good sized lot.  The back yard was quite large, yet never experienced by the owners. I suggested  making some 'destination' spaces out there  for gathering and dining so that they could experience the landscape rather than looking out to it. The simplified graphic primarily shows the organization of hardscape features.

(email from client) ....You are a genius! I have just been standing in the dark on the north patio. First night the lights have been on. Looking around is really awesome. The house looks great....the shadows on the walls are
fabulous. I would have NEVER thought of the patio being "way out there."  There's some tweaking to do....I have a punch list to go over with both Darrell and Dennis, but basically, we are done. Sculptures are ordered; fountain ordered....and I got this huge metal chicken sculpture... who knows where it will go, but this is so fun. Can't thank you enough for all your wonderful ideas. When it gets a little warmer, we want you and Cindy to come, have some wonderful pinot and enjoy.

Landscape renovation

Private residence, Las Vegas


This is the frontage portion of designs for the renovation of an old urban residence on a 1 acre lot.


Borrowing land from the huge side yard to the right, the layout links vehicular and pedestrian access,extending the new landscaping theme into the existing entry courtyard.

I was engaged to do the conceptual planning and design including shade structures.

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