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Offices for

Triad Professional Adjusters

610 South 7th Street, Las Vegas


This project consisted of the complete restoration of an historic Las Vegas residence and its conversion into an office building. 


I won an argument with the City of Las Vegas to allow it to exceed the maximum allowable size for this type of 'residence-to-office' conversion, preserving the original integrity of the building and every inch of its valuable space, while saving my client the good sum of money otherwise necessary to reduce its size to meet City limitations.  I was also responsible for securing Zone Change approval from the City and for meeting with the Historic Preservation Committee.


The project included a complete landscape re-do with the challenge of incorporating handicap access into the building as the raised floor was two feet above grade.  The landscape design won a SNWA award.


My client was heavily and personally involved in all aspects of the renovation.  Included in my services were the creation of the new front entry steps, landscape design, reinforcement of the garage structure so it could be used as a fully finished  accessory space for files and storage, creation of h-cap accessible layouts for the conversion of the toilet rooms without moving its walls, etc.  A great and unique display of teamwork.

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